Student voices

Aleksandrs, Latvia

What made you choose Yorkshire as the place to study in the UK? 

I was looking for a university with a Computer Science department that is top in UK.

What is the best thing about studying in Yorkshire?

Amazing facilities that work 24/7, a safe and peaceful city with picturesque surroundings combined with cultural and historical backgrounds, as well as diverse and multicultural society.

What did you know about Yorkshire before you arrived

Not much, but the most fascinating part is how different the experience was compared to what I imagined it would be. Nothing stands still and there are plenty of opportunities and things to discover.

What is the biggest difference between Yorkshire and your home?

Everyone is smiling; also it is much more windy.

What will you most remember about Yorkshire?

Calmness of the nature, ducks and geese, the University experience (societies, events, studies, people I've met), the National Railway Museum and the city architecture.