Alumni Voices

Catherine, University of Hull

Name: Catherine Pengh

University: Hull

Course: Masters in Business Administration (MBA), 2000 

Current role: Communications Director, Michelin China

The student population at Hull is diverse, and studying at the school gave me the opportunity to share best practice in the area of management and establish a professional network of contacts which have been of great use since I graduated.

I came back to China in 2000 having had good experiences in the UK. As a result of my degree I joined Michelin China as Communications Director in 2000. The skills I developed during my time in Hull in the areas of marketing, HRM and Total Quality Management have proved to be a valuable asset. I am able to lead and manage as a professional with strong integrating and strategic skills, and my project management skills have definitely been enhanced. 

Hull is a bustling cosmopolitan city and my time there has helped me to manage the many cross-cultural issues within and outside the company. My days at the University are unforgettable.