Yorkshire's highlights

Food and drink

Like much of its heritage, Yorkshire is rightly proud of its tradition for great hospitality, represented by good, wholesome food and drink and a warm welcome wherever you go.

Yorkshire puddings

For many Yorkshire is synonymous with Yorkshire puddings – often round in shape, they’re a savoury pastry served alongside roast beef, or on their own with gravy or other fillings (sweet and savoury!)

Yorkshire is also famous for a lovely white creamy cheese, called Wenslydale after the area in the Yorkshire Dales where it’s made. Yorkshire tea, a strong brew, is well loved in Yorkshire and across the UK, and can be served with Parkin, a sweet ginger flavoured cake, most popular in the cold months.

Fish and chips

Yorkshire’s seaside towns are still well known for their excellent fish and chips. Served sprinkled with salt and vinegar, and often accompanied by mugs of strong, hot tea in a cafe, they can also be ‘taken away’ and eaten outdoors or carried back home wrapped in paper to keep them warm. Each town and city has its favourite 'chippie', but ‘The Magpie Cafe’ in Whitby, North Yorkshire has a fantastic reputation for other shops to live up to.

Fancy a pint?

Yorkshire people love their pubs for ‘a pint’ (this is the traditional, non-metric measure in which beer and ale is sold), and there’s a long tradition of brewing in Yorkshire. Many big name breweries are based within the county. However, these now have rivals in the shape of the many microbreweries which have sprung up around the county and brew fantastic beer and ale in smaller quantities, which is mainly sold within their local area.

Curry capital

Yorkshire is now a melting pot of cultures and a number of Yorkshire cities, in particular Bradford, have a long tradition of, and association with, curry. So, if you’ve never tasted a curry, or it’s one of your favourite foods, you’ll not be disappointed by what’s on offer.