Yorkshire's highlights

Famous people

There’s a host of Yorkshire ‘folk’ who’ve made their mark on society – good or bad – or whose inventions have changed the world in some way. Any of them sound familiar?

Remember, remember the 5th of November

Let’s start with: Guy Fawkes, born in York in 1570, he’s famous for his gunpowder plot; attempting to burn down the Houses of Parliament in London to kill King James I and restore Catholicism to England. Without him we wouldn’t have ‘Bonfire Night’ on 5 November each year when bonfires burn and fireworks light up the night sky across the land.

Then there’s William Bateson, the father of genetics. Born near Whitby, North Yorkshire, in 1861 he coined the term ‘genetics’ through his studies of biological inheritance and heredity. And how about Percy Shaw, born in Halifax, West Yorkshire, who invented ‘cats’ eyes’, the reflective road studs, which are used on roads across the UK and beyond to help guide drivers in the dark?

A host of actors

Yorkshire claims more than a few famous actors as its own, including Patrick Stewart – born in Mirfield, West Yorkshire, best known as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in ‘Star Trek’ and Professor Charles Xavier in 'X-Men'. He’s now added a ‘Sir’ to his name and is Chancellor of the University of Huddersfield. 

Judi Dench was born in York and is best known for roles as ‘M’ in the James Bond films, and a host of other film, television and theatre roles. Dame Judi Dench received an honorary doctorate from the University of Leeds in 2002.

Born in North Yorkshire, John Newman is best known for the hit ‘Love Me Again’ which topped the UK singles chart in July 2013; he was also a featured artist on Rudimental's 2012 singles ‘Feel the Love’ and ‘Not Giving In’. In 2013 he was one of the most successful British singers and was nominated for three Brit Awards, including British male solo artist. By early 2014, Newman had sold over 1.3 million records in the UK alone.