Yorkshire's highlights


English is spoken all over the UK, but in Yorkshire people can have strong local accents and speak in dialect, leaving people from other parts of the country struggling to understand them!

Distinctive dialects

The Yorkshire accent is often referred to as ‘Tyke’, and those who speak it are proud of their distinctive dialects. The Yorkshire accent drops consonants and shortens vowels. So rather than saying “the pub” or “the bus” Yorkshire folk might say “t’pub” and “t’bus” and “Does tha kno't” instead of “Do you know the?” Another Yorkshire oddity is men calling other men “Duck” or “Love” – so don’t be surprised if a bus driver calls you “Love” when you buy your ticket.

Unique words and phrases

As well as the unusual accent, you might hear words which are unique to Yorkshire. Here’s a few to try:

  • Aye – yes
  • Baps/teacakes – bread bun
  • Be reight – it will be alright
  • Chuddy – chewing gum
  • Ee-by-gum – oh my goodness
  • In’t – in the 
  • Lass – girl
  • Minging – unpleasant
  • Nowt – nothing
  • Owt - anything
  • Pop – fizzy drink, such as cola
  • Reet – right
  • Sprog – child
  • Summat – something
  • Ta – thank you

You can also have fun with the Yorkshire translator.