Yorkshire's highlights


For decades the UK has produced some of the most iconic names in music and the 2012 Olympic ceremonies really showed our massive impact on the international stage – rock, pop, jazz, dance, rap and classical, there’s literally something for every music fan around the globe.

Sheffield's finest

Yorkshire has made a bigger contribution to the music scene than just about any other area of the UK – Sheffield’s finest include the Arctic Monkeys, Jarvis Cocker, Richard Hawley and the Human League. And who could ever forget the ‘Tainted Love’ of Mark Almond from Soft Cell who was a student in Leeds in the 1980s?

Leeds is also home to the Leeds Festival one of the UK's biggest music festivals, second only to Glastonbury. Taking place in late August every year, the Leeds Festival showcases the very best of national and international music and is attended by thousands of people. 

Festivals galore

Festivals of all musical genres play a big part in Yorkshire’s cultural scene from West Indian carnivals, traditional folk, and high octane dance, this county loves to make itself heard!

Yorkshire thrives on encouraging all kinds of groups and people to take part in its vibrant multicultural music scene. There’s a fantastic programme of events and activities for amateurs and professionals running throughout the year; anyone who sings in a choir or plays an instrument will find opportunities to celebrate their love of music.