Student voices

Phoebe, USA

What made you choose Yorkshire as the place to study in the UK?

The professor I work with at the University of Leeds works in the same narrow niche of research as me and is very well known and published.

What is the best thing about studying in Yorkshire?

Yorkshire is beautiful. There are many great walks (the Dales) and day trips (York, Scarborough). It is also a lot cheaper than being in London.

What did you know about Yorkshire before you arrived?

Not much, only that it is in the north.

What is the biggest difference between Yorkshire and your home?

The landscape is a lot different. Not just nature, but the cities are built differently. Also the pubs and drinking culture is different – going to the pub with your professor is a regular occurrence.  And everything is so much older here than in the USA.

What will you most remember about Yorkshire?

The friendly people, beautiful landscape, the historic buildings and of course the pints!