Yorkshire's highlights


Yorkshire and sport are synonymous. Yorkshire is home to cricket and rugby, football and horse racing and a host of other sports. Yorkshire athletes dazzled the world at this year’s Olympics, winning 7 of Team GB’s 29 gold medals.  

Watch or play?

Whether you love to play or watch sport, Yorkshire has so much to offer. Naturally, each of our universities has top class facilities and a host of teams to get involved with. Or if you prefer to go it alone, there’s gyms, swimming pools, sports centres, rowing clubs, equestrian centres – the list is endless. 

And as Yorkshire is such a green county, there’s plenty of open space to try something a little different, from rock-climbing to wakeboarding, wild swimming to motorsports. There’s even an indoor snow slope at Castleford, West Yorkshire, which offers ‘real’ snow for learning, practising and mastering skiing and snowboarding. 

Word class facilties

Yorkshire has world class facilities:

  • at the John Charles Sports Centre in Leeds, with its athletics arena and Olympic length swimming pool. 
  • Sheffield offers an Olympic swimming pool and Europe’s deepest diving pool at Ponds Forge International Sports Centre – build for the World Student Games in 1991. 
  • And if you choose to train at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield you might just rub shoulders with Jessica Ennis, Olympic heptathlon champion, who regularly trains there.

If you prefer to watch and support sports teams, you can do so in world-famous stadiums like Headingley (rugby and cricket) and Elland Road (football) where thousands flock each week during the season. Each town and city has its own football team, all of which have loyal followings and their matches are a regular feature for many families. 

Yorkshire is famous for inventing ‘Rugby League’ and its devotion to cricket, but also claims Sheffield F.C. as the world’s first football club founded in 1857.