Alumni Voices

Timothy, Sheffield Hallam University

Name: Timothy Nelson

University: Sheffield Hallam

Course: BEng (Honours) Electronic Systems Engineering, 2005

Current role: ROV Pilot Technician

My first job after graduating was as a Quality Assurance Supervisor with JVC Electronics in Malaysia. In 2007, I landed the position as a ROV Pilot Technician under a reputable company in its field.

As a ROV Pilot Technician, I’m responsible for the maintenance, repair and overall operation of a submersible vehicle that does specific underwater support work in the ocean. Clients vary from location to location. I’ve been fortunate enough to work for companies like SHELL, Talisman Energy and Petronas (a Malaysian petroleum company).

The most enjoyable aspect of my job is that I get to travel for work. Plus, since its contract based, I can work for a total of one third to half of the year and make a fairly decent income. As I am not working five days a week all year round, I have an opportunity to bartend for a reputable chain in Malaysia. I love the variety and excitement it brings.

When I look back on my time at Sheffield Hallam University and how it has helped my career, the one thing that comes to mind immediately is that it helped me adjust and broaden my way of thinking. Now, working with people from different backgrounds and cultures doesn’t seem so alien to me. It’s definitely helped me to learn how to communicate with people who aren’t necessarily from Malaysia and hence don’t think and do things the same way as we do.

Hopefully I’ll still be doing my current job for a few more years and, if it all works out, I plan to use this job as a means to migrate to Australia in the future. In addition, I hope to be able to open up my own bar business.”