Living in Yorkshire

Where will I live

University accommodation, houses or apartments rented from a private landlord or a homestay arrangement are your three main choices. Each of them has their merits, but it all depends on your needs and budget.

Best for you

Universities offer a wide range of catered (where your meals are cooked for you) and self-catering (where you cook for yourself) accommodation for single people, couples and families. Prices vary according to the facilities on offer. Some of it is pretty state of the art, with en suite bathroom facilities, excellent shared kitchen and living facilities and lovely green areas to relax in outside. Others may be older and less luxurious, but you’ll pay less too. Universities all have friendly teams to help guide you through the potentially confusing choices, offer you support and make sure you get the option which suits you best.

A huge advantage to living in university accommodation is that there’s lots of fun activities and events each week to make sure you feel welcome and help you to make friends. University accommodation is also flexible in terms of how long you rent it for, avoids hidden costs and often you can apply for it online.

Renting privately

Alternatively, some students arrange their own accommodation with a private landlord. You can rent apartments or houses, live on your own or with a number of other students. This type of accommodation does offer an independent lifestyle.

Lastly, some students choose to live with a host family or couple. This can be a cost effective option, as it often includes utility bills, washing and food and contracts can be extremely flexible – with hosts charging rent on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It’s a great way of immersing yourself in another language and being able to find out about an area from a friendly family.

All university websites include lots of information about accommodation options. Accommodation offices will also be more than happy to send you information, should you need it.