Alumni Voices

Zongyuan, University of York

Name: Zongyuan (Maggie) Zhu

University: York

Courses: MSc in Green Chemistry and Sustainable Industrial Technology 

Current role: PhD student in Green Chemistry, 2012

“When I was deciding where I wanted to study Chemistry, York was in the top five and it was a world leader in Green Chemistry. I applied to a number of UK universities and received a number of offers; I chose York because of its size, I like that it isn’t too big and it is an interesting historical city.

I met some nice people when I first arrived; my flatmates at Wentworth were a mixture of Thai, British and Chinese. It’s a lovely international environment and I settled in easily. Living in York was great, I loved the ducks and I was able to travel around the UK and to Europe so easily. I worked as a tutor for Halifax College and I also helped to set up undergraduate Chemistry experiments and this gave me a chance to meet people and improve my English.

In China there are so many students you get lost in the crowd at lectures, the classes at York are a lot smaller and the professors take care of you. The teaching style is much better at York with the mixture of lectures and seminars; it is a lot more interactive. My supervisor was great and I loved the Green Chemistry course. 

I’m in the second year of a PhD now, working on a joint project with Brazil. I may go on to do post-doctoral work, although it will be exciting to start working as China is emerging and green chemistry is growing in importance. Having studied in the UK will help me as I look for a job as my English will be better and my life experience has given me a different way of thinking.”>